12x Increase in The Conversion Rate

Bringing in a 12x Increase in The Conversion Rate of Deluxe Vacations

Through a combination of digital marketing techniques, the conversion rate of Deluxe Vacations was increased 12 times more and their lead generation registered a 67% increase.

About Deluxe Vacations:

Deluxe Vacations create customized luxury vacations to Sri Lanka. From transportation to a hotel stay and sightseeing options, they provide a wide variety of travel packages for tourists travelling to Sri Lanka at affordable costs.


March , 24 2017


Deluxe Vacations


Deluxe Vacations wanted to increase the number of travellers who are opting for their travelling packages to Sri Lanka. The main point to be considered is that their customer base is spread out all around the world across different income levels and different occupations.


Targeted Advertising to Get More Leads

Since their typical customer base is spread far and wide, we decided that targeted advertising is the best way to get more leads. Initially, they were struggling to reach the prospective customers who may sign up for the travel packages. So we spent more time deciding the persona of their typical customer and the ways and means to reach them.

One common aspect of all their customers is their plan to travel to Sri Lanka; it may be those who have already booked tickets or those who are contemplating to visit. Nevertheless, these people are good leads that could potentially lead to a conversion down the line.


In the next 3 months, Deluxe Vacations recorded a 67% increase in the lead generation than the previous months! From the leads, they were able to get more people to sign up for the travel packages. The total revenue in the next 3 months when compared to the previous revenue generated registered a whopping 12x increase!

“We could see the demand coming in after a few weeks of the advertisements. Our website visitors were increasing as were the visitors to our social media pages. Our reputation increased by bounds and now we get a lot of tourists from all over the world opting for our travel packages”, he said.

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