Increased Leads of BASIC by 39%

How We Increased The Leads of BASIC by 39% Through A/B Testing

Through A/B testing, we were able to design the website for Brain and Spine Institute of California which increased their leads by 36% and a significant increase in conversion rate by 21%.

About Brain and Spine Institute of California:

The Brain and Spine Institute of California (BASIC) has some of the most renowned and top orthopaedic spine surgeons specialized to manage any type of problems in the neck, back and joints.


March , 24 2017


Basic Spine


The website of Brain and Spine Institute of California had all the necessary details but the conversion rate to leads and sales weren’t as expected.


JL Avology was hired to revamp the website design. It sounds simple enough but our responsibility was not limited to creating a web design to show their services attractively but also to make informed decisions backed with proper proof to position the features in such a way that it improves their conversion rate.

We went through the past data collected and did an exhaustive analysis of their user behaviour. We identified the pain points of the user and tried understanding why the visitors left sooner, at which point most made an exit and mapped with the different segmentation.


As a result of the changes we made to the website, the Brain and Spine Institute of California recorded an increase in the number of their leads by 39% and their lead conversions increased by 21% in just a month after officially launching the new web design.

“Our conversions from leads was very less with the previous website design. After the revamped web design, our appointments were filling faster and we were easily converting our leads and getting more leads on way”, said the Marketing Manager of BASIC.

Now, BASIC has a steadfast number of appointments created directly from the website and many other leads who have contacted them by seeing the information on the website.

“The new web design has been an integral part in getting more leads for our Institute. Since then, we have also hired JL Avology for our other digital marketing needs”, he said.

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