Increasing The Organic Traffic

Increasing The Organic Traffic: A Case Study

 Through the SEO techniques, the organic traffic to the website of Trade Credit Risk is now increased by almost 52%.

About Trade Credit Risk:

Trade Credit Risk is a specialist trade credit insurance broker providing services in Australia and New Zealand. They provide services options like domestic credit insurance, export credit insurance, risk management and other value added services with 1 billion dollars in accounts insured annually.


March , 24 2017

Project Type

B2B, Facebook Ads, SEO, SMM


Trade Credit Risk

The Challenge

The company website of Trade Credit Risk was advertised through PPC to reach more people. Their ads were effective too in getting good leads and conversions. But apart from the paid advertising services, there was the very less organic reach of the website and its products and it was our responsibility to rectify it.

The All-Around SEO Services

First things first. We took a full stock of their current SEO practices, the SEO rankings of the website and its individual pages for the important keywords. We conducted a full-scale SEO audit to understand what the current situation is.

From the technical SEO details to the content marketing, we performed a complete analysis and made note of our findings. Instead of jumping up to the link building techniques, we decided to build a strong SEO foundation from the ground up.


After an extensive optimization of the web page and the other additional efforts, we measured the effectiveness of the changes. Due to the inclusion of the keyword, the website climbed its way in the search engine rankings for some of the important keywords. The organic traffic to the website rocketed! From the links mentioned in the external sources and the results of the search engine rankings together made it possible for the website to increase their organic traffic by almost 52% in just 2 months!

The website’s organic traffic is constantly increasing now and due to that, their lead generation has also increased by a good margin of 37% when compared to the previous months. The number of people who contacted through the contact form on the website almost doubled.

  • 20 URL
  • 30 Main Keyword
  • 20 Anchor
  • 5 Brand
  • 25 Others