Facebook Marketing: How Facebook is a Great Place for E-Commerce

Nowadays, starting an e-commerce business has become easier than ever. With Amazon, eBay and many smaller e-commerce websites offering options to easily showcase and sell products on their websites, anyone can open their online store in a day and get it running. Of course, it has both pros and cons, the cons majorly being the acute competition crowding the marketplace.

The best way to stand out from the crowded similar platforms and reach your target audience directly is by employing intelligent marketing strategies. As with the simple online retail websites, the marketing also doesn’t need a great deal of investment but one has to compensate for it by using unique tactics to rise above the competition.

Among all the social media platforms, Facebook is unarguably the most popular platform that can be used for multiple marketing strategies.

Facebook – The Winning Ticket to Your Online Marketing Strategy

According to a recent Yes Lifecycle Marketing report, ‘A Marketer’s Guide to Reaching Each Consumer Generation’, 57% of the surveyed consumers said that social media influences their shopping decisions with a majority of 44% being influenced by Facebook.

With such a huge volume of people basing their shopping on Facebook, it is only natural to concentrate on this specific social media for your online marketing. Here are a few ways through which marketers have been making use of Facebook for their e-commerce businesses.

Organic Content

Organic content on Facebook doesn’t need a single penny of investment. All that needs is a sound strategy to get the target audience hooked.

In a Social Media Marketing Industry Report published by the Social Media Examiner in May 2018, 50% of marketers have increased their Facebook organic activities in the last 12 months and 62% of marketers are planning to increase their organic content in the coming year.


Organic Content


Organic content on Facebook is best used for a marketing strategy of ‘selling without openly selling’. Most of the people who visit Facebook do not come for shopping recommendations and would get irritated if they are being suggested a lot of products continuously. Rather than asking them to make a purchase openly, marketers have started using techniques that make the users feel like it’s their own decision to buy a product and not a recommended purchase. This technique generally doesn’t come from a single post; it is built up slowly over a period of time with related articles, polls, videos and images, making the product get noticed by the users and arousing their curiosity.

Yes, curiosity is the key that marketers play to make a product sell and you can easily employ marketing strategies without spending a single penny through organic Facebook content.

Product Releases

There is no better way to release a product in the cheapest possible way than making use of social media. While the other social media platforms are restrictive in the content length, images or videos, Facebook is the only platform that has it all. This greatly helps in using multiple means of promotions to create the hype before releasing the product so that it is off to a great start.

Many marketers start the hype for their product launch a long time before the date of the product release by leaving a hint or two occasionally in Facebook posts, articles and blog posts and as the date of the launch nears, they come up with polls and discount offers that make the users look twice about what the hype is about.


Product Releases


Spreading the marketing strategy over a considerable period of time will help in getting the word out to more people. The simplest way is by getting more likes on your post which will increase the chances of the post being seen by the user’s friends and so on. With Facebook users liking 4,166,667 posts per minute every single day, the lengthier marketing strategy makes more sense to expand the reach of the product.

User Generated Content (UGC)

It is no secret that user generated content tends to gain more user engagement in any marketing strategy and the UGC from Facebook is no different.

There are simple ways of including UGC in your Facebook posts like the addition of ratings to your product ads. Some also leverage the positive reviews from the customers to gain the trust of the leads and turn them to sales.


User Generated Content


For example, Toyota’s annual ‘Feeling the Street’ campaign got a lot of posts on Instagram from which they choose some of the best UGC and integrated them into their Facebook advertisements.  Through this, Toyota received more than 1.2 million likes, shares and comments on Facebook which led to a 440% increase in the total engagement than their previous year’s engagement.

Personalized Facebook Ads

Last but not least, Facebook advertisements have been the popular form of marketing most marketers go to when they consider Facebook marketing. With a little bit of investment made and the right targeting along with the proper content, this can bring multifold revenue back into your pocket.

In a Social Media Marketing Industry Report of the Social Media Examiner, 72% of marketers were found to be using Facebook ads among all other social media platforms which says a lot about the results that it brings.


Facebook Ads


Facebook ads are also the best option for readvertising where a product the user has viewed or abandoned in the cart can be advertised again in their Facebook thereby personalizing their ads. By seeing the same product over and over again, the urge of the user to buy the product increases. Sometimes, based on the posts the user has liked, the ads can also be personalized.

These Facebook ads perform better when they are accompanied by a call-to-action for eager users to buy or curious users to get more details.

Most Facebook ads, if not promoting a product directly, are accompanied by an image or a video, which is about the product or their business, thus staying in minds of their leads and expanding their prospects to newer customers.

On a Final Note

Facebook marketing is one of the great places for an e-commerce store to promote their business and make a direct connection with their target customers. If you are just starting your own online store, close your eyes and choose Facebook to start your marketing!


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